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Our philosophy

Welcome to the home site of the Nuclear Info WebRing. This web ring is dedicated to presenting factual information about nuclear power, radioactive waste, and radiation related issues. The members of the ring are dedicated to presenting information in a non-biased form. We believe that the viewer (yourself) should make up your own mind about the benefits or dangers of nuclear issues.

Membership requirements

To be considered for membership in the Nuclear Info WebRing, your site must:
  • be directly related to nuclear power, radioactive waste or radiation issues. (Sites related to only nuclear weapons and/or non-nuclear environmental issues are not acceptable).

  • present up-to-date material in an informative and neutral fashion (i.e. "radical" sites, either pro or anti, need not apply).

  • be largely "non-commercial" sites or pages (i.e. a reasonable amount of advertising, such as a few banners or links to your related services will be accepted. Sites that are geared mainly towards promoting particular products and/or services will not be accepted).

  • provide information free of charge and must not solicit donations/fees to support a nuclear related campaign or cause.

  • include the Nuclear Info WebRing logo and loop code on at least one page (in order to make the ring work).

  • ...

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The sites can be in any language*. All new applicants must be voted as acceptable by a minimum of three (3) existing ring members before final approval to join the ring is granted.

*Note: Sites which do not have any English language content may be asked to provide an English translation of portions of their sites to our reviewers for review purposes.

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