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Training & continuing education

Like other scientists and engineers, radioactive waste management professionals are a highly educated group. Science and engineering are constantly evolving. Therefore, numerous training courses are offered to professionals by various institutions to provide updates on current "state-of-the-art". Training courses are also offered to cover changing regulations, to train workers for new fields, and to provide entry level education into a profession. Links to all types of radioactive waste and nuclear related training can be found here. Note: Links identified with are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You may need a special plugin to access these pages. Some web sites may not be in English. See index here for language codes, such as    JP / EN .

Training services

  • Applied Radwaste Management (US)   EN 
  • ATSI - Australian Training & Safety Institute (Australia)   EN 
  • CFPA - Center for Professional Advancement (US)   EN 
  • Corys Training & Engineering Support Systems (France)   FR / EN 
  • CSI-Radiation Safety (US)   EN 
  • EICA - Energy Industry CBT Alliance (US)   EN 
  • Ensys Engineering Training (US)   EN 
  • EnviroComp (US)   EN 
  • ESL - Environmental Science Ltd (UK)   EN 
  • ESRA Environment, Safety, & Risk Associates (US)   EN 
  • ESS - Environmental Support Solutions (US)   EN 
  • ETEC - Environmental Technology & Education Center (US)   EN 
  • ETMD Training (US)   EN 
  • EXITECH (US)   EN 
  • Fowler Associates (US)   EN 
  • Global Network Academy (US)   EN 
  • Government Institutes (US)   EN 
  • HATSCAN (US)   EN 
  • High-Rez Diagnostics (US)   EN 
  • IBC International Conferences (UK)   EN 
  • Instinct Training (UK)   EN 
  • ITC - School of Underground Waste Storage & Disposal (Switzerland)   EN 
  • KraftAkademin (Sweden)   SE 
  • Medical Interactive (US)   EN 
  • Nielsen Environmental Field School (US)   EN 
  • NTA - Nevada Technical Associates (US)   EN 
  • NTS - Nuclear Training Services (UK)   EN 
  • Nuclear Pharmacy Education Online (US)   EN 
  • Nuclear Reactor Operator Training Homepage (US)   EN 
  • Pacific Radiation (US)   EN 
  • Power e-Learning Center (US)   EN 
  • QSSI - Quality Safety Services, Inc. (US)   EN 
  • Radiation Safety Associates, Inc (US)   EN 
  • Radiation Safety Institute of Canada (Canada)   EN 
  • (US)   EN 
  • Radiological Training Services, LLC (US)   EN 
  • Retaqs (US)   EN 
  • RTI - Resource Training Institute (US)   EN 
  • Safety Onsite (US)   EN 
  • Safety Video Direct (US)   EN 
  • Shawnee Environmental Services (US)   EN 
  • Stuart Hunt & Associates (Canada)   EN 
  • Technical Management Services Inc (US)   EN 
  • TRIHOM SA (France)   FR / EN 
  • Waste Management Education & Research Consortium (US)   EN 
  • The Workplace Safety Store (US)   EN 

    Training courses

  • AIChE Training Courses (US)   EN 
  • ASME Training Courses (US)   EN 
  • DRSA - Deep River Science Academy (Canada)   EN 
  •   DRSA Whiteshell Campus (Canada)   EN 
  • FJOHSS - Frederic Joliot & Otto Hahn Summer School in Reactor Physics (France)   EN 
  • Health Physics Training Courses (US)   EN 
  • IAEA Reference Training Material on Radioactive Waste Management (IAEA)   EN 
  • International School of Nuclear Law (NEA)   EN 
  • IUOE National Hazmat Program (US)   EN 
  • IVC - Idaho Virtual Campus (US)   EN 
  • MIT On-line Courses (US)   EN 
  • Northeastern University Hazardous Waste Training (US)   EN 
  • Open Source Radioactive Materials Safety Training Tutorial (US)   EN 
  • Postgraduate Educational Course in Radiation Protection & the Safety of Radiation Sources Standard Syllabus (IAEA)   EN 
  • University Nuclear Courses in the UK (UK)   EN 
  • Univ. of Pennsylvania Interactive Radiation Training Program (US)   EN 

    Training centres

  • BTC - BWR Operator Training Center (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • George Kuzmycz Training Center (Ukraine)   UA / EN 
  • ICJT Milan Èopiè Nuclear Training Centre (Slovenia)   SI / EN 
  • KNTC - Korean Nuclear Training Center (South Korea)   KR / EN 
  • KPLI - Korea Power Learning Institute (South Korea)   KR 
  • KSU - Kärnkraftsäkerhet och Utbildning (Sweden)   SE 
  • Linkou Nuclear Training Center (Taiwan)   CN 
  • Minatom Educational Centre (Russia)   RU / EN 
  • NuTEC - Nuclear Technology & Education Center (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • REAC/TS - Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (US)   EN 
  • RMTC - Russian Methodological & Training Center (Russia)   RU / EN 
  • Simulatorzentrum KSG / GfS (Germany)   DE / EN 

    Training groups

  • AED - Academy for Educational Development (US)   EN 
  • AMCEE - Association for Media-Based Continuing Education for Engineers (US)   EN 
  • BNEN - Belgian Nuclear Higher Education Network (Belgium)   EN 
  • CIRTEN - Consorzio InterUniversitario per la Ricerca Tecnologica sull'Energia Nucleare (Italy)   IT 
  • ENEN - European Nuclear Education Network (France)   FR / EN 
  • ENEN - European Nuclear Engineering Network (Belgium)   EN 
  • EPCE - Energy Providers Coalition for Education (US)   EN 
  • ETA - Electricity Training Association (UK)   EN 
  • MANTG - Mid-Atlantic Nuclear Training Group (US)   EN 
  • Midwest Consortium for Hazardous Waste Worker Training (US)   EN 
  • MNTA - Midwest Nuclear Training Association (US)   EN 
  • National Environmental Trainers & Engineers (US)   EN 
  • NTEC - Nuclear Technology Education Consortium (UK)   EN 
  • NEPTUNO - Nuclear European Platform for Training & University Organizations (Belgium)   EN 
  • PAGSE - Partnership Group for Science & Engineering (Canada)   EN / FR 
  • WesTrain (US)   EN 

    Government training programs

  • CENSEE - Centre for nuclear safety for central & eastern europe (International)   EN 
  • CTED - DOE Clearinghouse for Training, Education & Development (US)   EN 
  • DOE Radiation Safety Training (US)   EN 
  • EPA Training Exchange (US)   EN 
  • National Clearinghouse for Worker Safety & Health Training (US)   EN 
  • NEER - Nuclear Engineering Education Research Program (US)   EN 
  • NRC Technical Training Program (US)   EN 
  • ORAU Professional Training Programs (US)   EN 
  • TEMA Radiological Training Courses (US)   EN 

    Nuclear universities & colleges

  • Advanced Technology Center (US)   EN 
  • AINSE - Australian Inst. of Nuclear Science & Engineering (Australia)   EN 
  • APINS - Asia Pacific Institute of Nuclear Science (Australia)   EN 
  • ATI - Atominstitut der Österreichischen Universitäten (Austria)   DE / EN 
  • BNEG - Bath Nuclear Energy Group (UK)   EN 
  • Bogazici University Nuclear Engineering (Turkey)   EN 
  • BrighamRAD Harvard Medical School (US)   EN 
  • CEPMLP - Centre for Energy, Petroleum & Mineral Law & Policy (UK)   EN 
  • Center for Lifelong Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Chalmers Univ. Nuclear Chemistry Dept. (Sweden)   EN / SE 
  • Chulalongkorn University - Nuclear Technology (Thailand)   EN 
  • CNTS - Center for Nuclear Technology & Society (US)   EN 
  • CRES - Centre for Resource & Environmental Studies (Australia)   EN 
  • CTU - Czech Technical University (Czech Republic)   CZ / EN 
  • DCMN - Dipartimento di Costruzioni Meccaniche e Nucleari (Italy)   IT / EN 
  • EMN - École des Mines de Nantes (France)   FR / EN 
  • ENSTA - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (France)   FR / EN / DE 
  • Eötvös University Dept. of Atomic Physics (Hungary)   HU / EN 
  • EPF Ecole d'Ingenieurs (France)   FR / EN 
  • FUESMEN - La Fundación Escuela de Medicina Nuclear (Argentina)   ES 
  • Georgia Tech Nuclear & Radiological Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Hacettepe Univ. Nuclear Engineering Dept. (Turkey)   TR / EN 
  • Harvard University's Environmental Education (US)   EN 
  • Harvard School of Public Health (US)   EN 
  • Imperial College Reactor Centre (UK)   EN 
  • Instituts für Radiochemie der TU München (Germany)   DE / EN 
  • Johns Hopkins Univ. (US)   EN 
  • Kansas State Univ. - Dept. of Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Kent State Center for Nuclear Research (US)   EN 
  • Kinki Univ. Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (Japan)   EN 
  • KINPOE - KANUPP Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering (Pakistan)   EN 
  • Kobe Univ. Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • KTH - Kungl Tekniska Hvgskolan (Sweden)   EN 
  • Kyoto Univ. Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (Japan)   JP / EN 
  •   KURRI - Kyoto Univ. Research Reactor Institute (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • Kyushu Univ. Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • Lakeshore Technical College (US)   EN 
  • Lanzhou University Nuclear Science & Technology Research Center (China)   CN 
  • LEE - Lehrstuhl für Energiesysteme und Energiewirtschaft (Germany)   DE / EN 
  • LUT - Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)   FI 
  • McMaster Univ. (Canada)   EN 
  • MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)   EN 
  •   MIT Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (US)   EN 
  •   MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science (US)   EN 
  • Nagoya Univ. Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • National Technological Univ. (US)   EN 
  • National Technical Univ. of Athens - Nuclear Engineering (Greece)   GR / EN 
  • NDRL - Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory (US)   EN 
  • North Carolina State Univ. Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (US)   EN 
  • NTVA - Norges Tekniske Vitenskapsakademi (Norway)   NO / EN 
  • Nuclear Engineering Laboratory, Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)    EN 
  • OAW - Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Austria)   DE / EN 
  • Ohio State Univ. Nuclear Engineering Program (US)   EN 
  • ORAU - Oak Ridge Associated Universities (US)   EN 
  • Oregon State Univ. Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (US)   EN 
  • ORISE - Oak Ridge Inst. for Science & Education (US)   EN 
  • Peking University Nuclear Science & Technology Research Center (China)   CN 
  • Penn State Univ. - Nuclear Engineering Program (US)   EN 
  • Purdue Univ. Nuclear Engineering Dept. (US)   EN 
  • Rensselaer - Nuclear Engineering Program (US)   EN 
  • Seoul Nat'l Univ. - Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (South Korea)   KR / EN 
  • Supelec (France)   FR 
  • Texas A & M Univ. - Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Tokyo Inst. of Technology Research Lab for Nuclear Reactors (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • TU München - Nuclear Physics (Germany)   DE / EN 
  • UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering (US)   EN 
  •   ANECL - Advanced Nuclear Engineering Computing Laboratory (US)   EN 
  • UCSC Radiation Safety Program (US)   EN 
  • UNAM Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares (Mexico)   ES 
  • UNENE - University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering (Canada)   EN 
  • Universite de Liege Chimie Nucléaire et Radiochimie (Belgium)   FR 
  • Universite de Liege Chimie Department of Nuclear Engineering & Power Plants (Belgium)   EN 
  • University College Dublin - Radiation Physics Research Laboratory (Ireland)   EN 
  • Univ. of Birmingham - Nuclear Physics (UK)   EN 
  • Univ. of Cincinnati Nuclear & Radiological Engineering Program (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of Florida - Nuclear & Radiological Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of Illinois Dept. of Nuclear Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of Maryland - Dept. of Materials & Nuclear Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of Michigan - Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences (US)   EN 
  •   Univ. of Michigan - Nuclear Waste Management Research Group (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of Minnesota - Dept. of Environmental Health & Safety (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of Missouri - Nuclear Science & Engineering Institute (US)   EN 
  •   Univ. of Missouri - Rolla Nuclear Engineering Dept. (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of New Mexico Dept. of Chemical & Nuclear Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of North Texas - Nuclear Engineering Technology (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of Tennessee - Nuclear & Radiological Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of Texas Nuclear & Radiation Engineering Program (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of Tokyo - Center for Nuclear Study (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • Univ. of Toronto Centre for Nuclear Engineering (Canada)   EN 
  •   Univ. of Toronto Nuclear Engineering Dept. (Canada)   EN 
  • Univ. of Utah Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Univ. of Wisconsin - Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics (US)   EN 
  •   Univ. of Wisconsin Nuclear Reactor (US)   EN 
  •   Fusion Technology Institute (US)   EN 
  • Ward Center for Nuclear Sciences (US)   EN 
  • West Virginia Univ. Radiation Safety Dept. (US)   EN 
  • WISE - Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (US)   EN 
  • Worcester Polytechnic Inst. Nuclear Engineering Program (US)   EN 
  •   WPI Center for Nuclear Technology & Society (US)   EN 
  • World Nuclear University (International)   EN 

    Other resources

  • Academic Info Directory (US)   EN 
  • ADENI - Association for the Development of International Nuclear Instruction (France)   FR / EN 
  • (US)   EN 
  • ELL - Engineering Learning Link (UK)   EN 
  • Environmental Education (US)   EN 
  • (US)   EN 
  • NPEC - Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (US)   EN 
  • Online Ethics Center for Engineering & Science (US)   EN 
  • (US)   EN 
  • Survey of Univ. Programs in Radiation Protection (NEA)   EN 
  • UC Berkeley List of Nuclear Engineering Faculties (US)   EN 
  • Yahoo Directory of Colleges & Universities (US)   EN 

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