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Technical journals & publishers

Journals are generally "peer reviewed" and are geared towards a highly academic audience, with a limited circulation. They are generally supported by academic publishing fees and/or grants, and are printed periodically (e.g. monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annually, depending on the journal.) Technical magazines may be peer reviewed, but are geared towards a much wider audience with a mix of technical articles, industry news and general interest stories; are supported by memberships, advertising, subscriptions and general sales; and are normally published monthly. Newsletters tend to be much briefer than magazines; may appear quite frequently (daily or weekly); and tend to be supported by memberships and subscriptions. The listed publishers produce or distribute journals, reports and texts of interest to waste management professionals.

In addition to those listed below, most professional and scientific associations publish their own journals, magazines and/or newsletters.

Some web sites may not be in English. See index here for language codes, such as    JP / EN .


  • Atomic Data & Nuclear Data Tables (US)
  • Atomwirtschaft - Internationale Zeitschrift für Kernenergie (Germany)
  • Cardiovascular Radiation Therapy Journal (US)
  • Fusion Technology (US)
  • Health Physics Journal (US)
  • Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (US)
  • Journal of Solid Waste Technology & Management (US)
  • Nature (US)
  • Nuclear Energy (UK)
  • Nuclear Fusion (IAEA)
  • Nuclear Science & Engineering (US)
  • Nuclear Technology (US)
  • Packaging, Transport, Storage & Security of Radioactive Material Journal (UK)   EN 
  • Radiation Journal (US)
  • Radiation Protection Dosimetry (UK)
  • Radiation Research Journal (US)
  • Radioactivity & Radiochemistry Journal (US)
  • Radiocarbon Journal (US)
  • Waste Management (Netherlands)


  • Brasil Nuclear (Brazil)
  • C&I - Chemistry & Industry (US)
  • Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine (US)
  • [E] The Environmental Magazine (US)
  • EM Online (US)
  • Forskning & Framsteg (Sweden)
  • GroundWork Magazine (US)
  • IAEA Bulletin (IAEA)
  • Mechanical Engineering Magazine (US)
  • Mining Environmental Management (UK)
  • New Scientist (UK)
  • Nuclear Engineering International (UK)
  • Nuclear News (US)
  • Nuclear Plant Journal (US)
  • Pollution Engineering Online (US)
  • Rad Journal (US)
  • RadWaste Solutions (US)
  • RAOPIS (Slovenia)
  • RiskWorld (US)
  • Science Magazine (US)
  • Scientific American Magazine (US)
  • Smithsonian Magazine (US)
  • Soil & Groundwater Cleanup Magazine (US)
  • (US)
  • Water & Waste Water dot Com (US)


  • Actinide Research Quarterly (US)
  • Anumukti (India)
  • Atomic Energy Insights (US)
  • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (US)
  • Chernobyl Journal (Belarus)
  • DOE Pulse (US)   EN 
  • EarthWINS Daily (US)
  • Elements Online Environmental Magazine (Canada)
  • ENDS - Environmental Data Services (UK)
  • Energy Advocate Newsletter(US)
  • The Environmentalist Newsletters (US)
  • Fonte Nuclear (Brazil)
  • Fusion Business Newsletter (UK)   EN 
  • Gazette Nucleaire (France)
  • GreenClips (US)
  • Green Left Weekly (Australia)
  • Hangenpatsu-Shinbun - Anti-Nuclear News (Japan)
  • IAEA News Briefs (IAEA)
  • Infinite Energy Online (US)
  • Ionising Radiation News (UK)   EN 
  • NDT Net - The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing & Ultrasonics (US)
  • NJ LLW Quarterly News Update (US)
  • NST Quarterly (Malaysia)
  • Nuclear Issues Newsletter (UK)
  • Nuclear Safety Newsletter (UK)
  • Nuclear Waste News (US)
  • Nuke News (Italy)
  • Nu-Power Magazine (India)
  • NUtrino Newsletter (US)
  • Pardalis EnviroSafe eLetter (US)
  • Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly (US)
  • Radiation Protection Adviser (UK)
  • RadWaste News Archives (US)   EN 
  • ReActions Newsletter (US)
  • SAHCI Nuclear Newsletter (US)
  • Wendland Anti-Atom Newsletter
  • WISE - World Information Service on Energy (Netherlands)
  • WPI Initiatives Online (US)


  • Unlocking the Atom (Canada)

    Publishers / distributors of technical & scientific works

  • Battelle Publishing (US)
  • Begell House (US)
  • Bernan (US)
  • BPI (US)
  • Carden Jennings Publishing Co (US)
  • CRC Press (US)
  • EDP Sciences (France)   FR / EN 
  • Ei - Engineering Information Inc. (US)
  • Elsevier Publishing (Netherlands)
  • Exchange/Monitor Publications (US)
  • Financial Times Energy Publications (UK)
  • Harcourt Brace (UK)
  • Inforum (Germany)
  • Institute for Scientific Information (US)
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • King Publishing (US)
  • Knovel (US)
  • Medical Physics Publishing (US)
  • MIT Press (US)
  • National Academy Press (US)
  • NTP - Nuclear Technology Publishing (UK)
  • Nuclear Engineering Bookstore (US)
  • OST Publications (US)
  • Ramtrans Publishing (UK)   EN 
  • (US)
  • Springer Science Online (US)
  • (Canada)
  • The Technology Source (Canada)
  • Thomas Telford Publishing (UK)
  • UNO Verlag (Germany)
  • UxC - Uranium Exchange Corp (US)
  • Walter de Gruyter (Germany)
  • White Horse Press (UK)
  • Williams & Wilkins (US)
  • World Scientific Publishing Company (Singapore)

    Other resources

  • E-Journal List (US)
  • Journals Online (UK)
  • PhysLINK Journals List (US)


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